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Facilities and property management

Protecting your customers and property against pests

Smooth and safe operation of client's business facility is the top most priority for any Facility and Property Management firm. Your customers put their facilities in your hands to manage and your reputation depends on you providing excellent service for 365 days a year, 24/7.

Proactive pest control is essential for facilities and property management because if a pest problem is left unchecked in one unit, the infestation can easily spread throughout the building carrying potential disease and destruction. Once pests have gained access to a building, they need very little food and water to thrive and multiply!

A pest problem can negatively impact your occupancy rate and putting your facility’s reputation at stake.

Discover better pest traceability for your business


Download this to know about some Tips on coming back to a "Safe Workplace" for Facilities & Property Management firms

Learn how Rentokil PCI can help your business post lockdown with our “Back to Work” Program which is specially designed keeping in mind the pest activity in your work premises during the past 2 months

Why Rentokil PCI?

Rentokil PCI is India’s largest pest control services and products brand that provides integrated pest management solutions to homeowners and businesses in over 300 locations in the country. A joint venture between India’s largest pest control company -  Pest Control India Pvt Ltd, and one of the world’s leading pest control brand - Rentokil, Rentokil PCI brings you a legacy of over 90 years in pest management expertise in over 70 countries. We currently serve over 2,30,000 happy customers in India. Here are some reasons why homeowners and businesses in India choose Rentokil PCI over other pest control companies

Expert surveying with advanced technology - Thorough initial inspection of premises with the latest equipment and tools.

Customer Experience - We value your safety and that of your decor. We formulate effective termite control solutions that provide long-term results and give you peace of mind.

Efficient service delivery - Highly trained, verified and certified service technicians.

A legacy of excellence - Leaders and innovators in pest management across the world for over 90 years.

Adherence to industry standards - We help create industry standards and only use government (CIB) Approved chemicals for treatment

Safety, Health & Environment (SHE)

Our SHE policy

Multi site customers

Know how Rentokil PCI takes care of multisite requirements of clients.