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Online reporting (myRentokilPCI)

myRentokilPCI is an online application tool available from any internet access point, to provide you instant access to a wealth of information in a time saving visual format. The application, complements with Rentokil PCI’s Integrated Pest Management programme, will further improve your end-to-end supply chain risk management.

Here’s how it works:

Our service technician will carry out comprehensive services by recording all the details of pest activity observed and providing proactive recommendations on every bar code locations via a hand held device. These data will be wirelessly transmitted to Rentokil PCI’s secured servers, and immediately available in your myRentokil PCI account.

myRentokil PCI allows better traceability and easy access to all key information needed for your supply chain risk management.

Recommendation management



Recommendation management for quick identification of outstanding recommendations by age and improvements needed.

Safe and secure online storage

Online storage


Safe and secure online storage for absolute discretion and prevent missing documents.

Multisite capability



Multisite capability allows monitoring or drill down into sites across the network and even your supply chain.

Real time reporting



Real time reporting of pest activity within your site in a single screen and time saving visual format.

Pest trend and historic activity



Pest trend and historic activity will be shown in graph charts for your analysis.

Audit compliance

Clip board


Audit compliance with all necessary audit documentation in place to help you through the rigorous audit process.

Knowledge and control at the click of a button

myRentokilPCI reporting system is designed to increase the quality, visibility and integrity of your pest management, saving you valuable time and money, after all it does provide the information you need when you need it anytime, anywhere. Our new pest reporting tool can be a part of your organisation’s leap towards assimilating a new records management programme, and is highly recommended for Food ProcessingIndustrial & ManufacturingPharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industry sectors.

If you wish to upgrade your pest control service with myRentokilPCI, please call us on  022-62604733 or Contact us online.

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