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COVID-19 "Back To Work" Program

Rentokil PCI possesses extensive knowledge of the lifestyle, habits and vulnerabilities on how viruses and bacteria can affect your business and household. We offer a wide range of services from pest control treatments to disinfection services to ensure potentially harmful and hazardous situations are dealt with in a safe and legally-compliant manner.

Despite the lifting of COVID-19 lockdown in India, it is still essential to continue your efforts in protecting your employees, customers, guests and family. Learn more about our specialised pest control services and disinfection services below.

Why Pest Control is Necessary Post Lockdown?

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Pest infestations such as mosquito breeding, cockroach infestation, rodent activities and lots more can take place in vacant business premises during a lockdown. The first step to protect employees and customers once the lockdown is lifted is to ensure preventive measures are in place. These include proper pest proofing and disinfection activities. Engage a professional pest control company like us to detect and remove any pest breeding activities and establish barriers to prevent pests from entering. Contact Rentokil PCI at 022-62604737 Today.

Blitz - Intensive Pest Elimination Service

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Pests such as mosquitos, flies, cockroaches and rodents can affect all businesses. It is important to prepare your business for operations by ensuring a long-term pest control programme in place to restrict, prevent and eliminate these pests.

With more activities such as food preparation during the work-from-home period, residential homes can also be prone to pest infestations too. It is critical to eradicate the presence of pests early to prevent them from turning into an infestation.

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Sterifume Disinfection Service

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In complement to good personal hygiene, disinfection also plays a critical role in reducing viruses and bacteria. Rentokil PCI's Sterifume Disinfection Service involves the application of a solution, in the form of mist, to areas of your property. This treatment effectively removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria to protect your employees, customers and family against diseases including the coronaviruses and pest-borne diseases. The solution is proven to last up to 30 days*. Routine cleaning does not disrupt the antimicrobial activity and effectiveness.

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Get complete protection from Initial's hand hygiene solutions


Good personal hygiene should be practiced at all times, with or without a virus outbreak. Hand hygiene is a critical element in controlling the spread of germs. Good habits such as washing and sanitising your hands can help to further prevent the transmission of germs by 50%. Ultimately, by controlling the spread of germs, you can also reduce the spread of diseases within the community.

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What is Sterifume disinfection service and why it is required?

Sterifume is a complete surface and aerial disinfection service designed by Rentokil PCI for destruction of pathogenic organisms which can reduce our immunity, increasing COVID 19 risk.

The Sterifume process involves:

  • Application of disinfectant and wiping all touchpoints after risk assessment and pre-inspection to verify that the area is thoroughly cleaned and made dust free
  • Ensuring that electrical equipment and food are covered and
  • People/pests are not present in the area to be treated

How is the site risk assessment done?

  • The overall risk assessment levels can be categorized as Very high, High, Medium and Low
  • Pre-service check points: Unplug all electrically operated equipment, remove dust & debris, empty out waste bins & vacuum cleaner bags, cover/remove food from treatment areas, cover food contact surfaces, provide access along the junction of wall and floor, processing equipment needs to be thoroughly cleaned, access to all areas & equipment for inspection & treatment, maintenance/housekeeping team members should be present during treatment.
  • Post-service check points: Maintain a record of material used, ventilate the area before occupying, thoroughly clean floor & food contact surfaces, do not leave food waste in waste bins during the night, clean floor and equipment before closing for the day, discard floor sweep safely as it may contain pests or pest dropping, inspect & treat materials if found infested before bringing them inside the treated area to reduce chances of infestation, implement pest preventive measures and seal entry points.

Is professional disinfection required on a regular basis?

  • The government recommends daily disinfection of working areas preferably during the evening so that it is free of contamination and ready for use the next day
  • The disinfectant used in our Sterifume service ensures 30 days* bonding on the surface

What are the proofing measures for pests during lockdown?

  • Timely removal of waste/garbage especially in the evening
  • Pest hiding areas to be minimized
  • Entry points like gaps around cables and ducts to be closed
  • Door and floor gaps to be reduced to 5 mm for managing rats and mice and
  • Additional protective measures can be taken by fixing door-seals for managing crawling insects

What are the official guidelines before opening an office / outlet?

As per the latest official guidelines, the focus should be on employee safety & awareness:

  • Employee health checks and maintaining proper hygiene
  • Regularly clean and disinfect premises & delivery vehicles

Since the office / facility was locked down for over a month, what are the infestation levels expected?

Due to the easy availability of shelter and the onset of summers, high level of pest infestation can be expected.However, the details can be assessed after inspection of the facility.

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