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Great things happen when great powers unite. Rentokil PCI is formed through the union of two great powers - Rentokil, the number one pest control brand in the world and PCI, the number one pest control brand in India. The joint venture between Rentokil and PCI marks a new era in the history of Indian Pest Control industry and gave birth to the leading pest control product and service brand in the country. This is the story of how two great brands, whose core values and unique strengths made them pioneers in the industry, came together with one shared vision; to Protect People and Enhance Lives.

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The Rentokil story - leadership driven by innovation

Rentokil’s legacy dates back to the early 1900’s when Danish pharmacist Georg Neumann discovered a strain of bacteria lethal to rats and mice. A few years later, Harold Maxwell Lefroy started supplying a liquid that got rid of woodworms. Professor Maxwell-Lefroy established a company called Disinfectants and General Products Limited. He wanted to call his timber treatment fluid Entokil — a combination of the Greek word 'entomon' meaning insect and the English word 'kill'. The Board of Trade rejected this name so he changed it to Rentokil and this was registered as a trademark. In 1957 British Ratin Company Ltd, whose origin can be traced to Georg Neumann's discovery in 1902, acquired Rentokil Ltd and its service arm, Woodworm and Dry Rot Control Ltd.  Shortly after the acquisition, British Ratin Company Ltd changed its name to Rentokil Group Ltd.


Over the next few decades, Rentokil expanded its global presence and was listed on the London Stock Exchange.  Rentokil also expanded its R&D capabilities to improve the facilities for its team of biologists, entomologists and chemists. Riding on science and innovation, Rentokil kept on developing effective and eco-friendly pest control methods and products. With the acquisition of British Electric Traction (BET) in 1996, the world’s leading business services company was formed - Rentokil Initial. As a part of its global expansion, Rentokil Initial launched its pest control brand in India in 2008. Since then, Rentokil India has become one of the leading pest control brands in the country.

The PCI story - a legacy of trust and care

Pest Control (India) Pvt Ltd was established in 1954 by N.S Rao, then the only company of its kind in India. Starting off with fumigation as the main business service, PCI soon expanded its service offerings to Termite Control, Rodent Control and Household Disinfection. In 1960, N.S Rao visited the UK and trained at Rentokil, thus setting up the basis for a long association. As the business expanded rapidly post Green Revolution, PCI opened its own chemical formulation and filling plant to ensure reliability, standards and efficacy at Vile Parle, Mumbai in 1962. With a vision to establish significance for pest control industry in India, PCI spearheaded the setting up of the Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA), with N.S. Rao as its founder president, in 1967.


PCI established its pioneer status in Indian pest control industry within a short span of time and became a household name. With its philosophy deep-rooted in Trust and Care, PCI became the pest control brand of choice for businesses and homes across the country. By 1980, PCI established its Bio-Control Research Laboratories (BCRL) to introduce safe farming practices with bio-control measures. Through its pioneering efforts in the industry, PCI has won several accolades over the years like the prestigious Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Fair Business Practices from the President of India, in 1983. A true Indian success story, PCI has transformed the Indian pest control industry.

Rentokil PCI joint venture

In February 2017, Rentokil and PCI came together to form a joint venture, Rentokil PCI, creating the largest pest control company in India. The company aims to set new standards for customer service with countrywide operations across India, while introducing Rentokil’s global standard for pest control, industry-leading innovations and digital tools and services. Rentokil PCI brings to the industry a 100 year old legacy of trust, leadership, innovation and care. To know more, call us at 1800-212-212-5.


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