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Our Safe & Effective Sterifume Disinfection Service

Indoor surfaces and air may look and smell clean. But time and again it may be contaminated with harmful microorganisms that contain airborne and viral diseases. It is contagious and spreads from person to person in various common ways which include:

- Breathing in air-borne droplets from infected person
- Consuming food or water contaminated with a virus
- Indirect transmission from person to person possibly from pests such as mosquito, tick, or rats
- Touching surfaces containing viruses (cross contamination)

With the recent rise of Covid-19, citizens to focus on staying healthy and hygienic. An infected person can have life-threatening complications, such as dehydration, bacterial pneumonia, and other secondary bacterial infections and are especially riskier for those who are young or very old. There are many ways to prevent yourself and your dear ones getting these deadly diseases.

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Prevention from Airborne Diseases

Rentokil PCI has designed an effective treatment which offers peace of mind to an establishment for infection control, known as Sterifume Disinfection Service.

For those that prefer to have a hygienic living or working environment, this aerial and surface sanitation treatment can be introduced to your premises to keep you and your family safe. When there are less microbes present, there is a reduced likelihood of cross-contamination.

Rentokil PCI uses a unique formulation with a powerful composition that has been proven to be highly effective against major strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi, including airborne and viral diseases such as Avian Influenza (H5N1), Foot & Mouth Disease, etc.

Rentokil PCI sterifum

Our Sterifume Disinfection Services

There are 3 types of disinfection services offered by Rentokil PCI which are
- Sterifume (for Commercial)
- Sterifume Lite and Sterifume Plus (for Residential)

Rentokil PCI's Sterifume service is our Aerial and Surface Disinfection Service that keeps commercial premises safe from disease-causing organisms and cross-infections in an enclosed area.

Rentokil PCIs Sterifume Lite service involves thorough misting to deliver disinfection to your entire home, in couple of hours.

For extra protection, Rentokil PCIs Sterifume Plus service involves sanitising wipes before the misting treatment. With this, it provides an extra layer of coating to prevent recontamination. The coating will stay intact up to 30 days* even with routine daily cleaning.

Why Our Disinfection service

Being the global experts in pest control, Rentokil PCI takes the health and safety of our customers and employees seriously. We will be ensuring proper hygeine and safety by following these steps:

Before entering your premise, Rentokil PCI technicians will:

- Undergo Daily Health Checks
- Use Hand Sanitizer
- Wear Shoe Covers, Masks and other Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs)

Our disinfection service will help:

- Reduce the risk of cross infection in an enclosed area
- Safe and comfortable environment that offers peace of mind
- Responsible actions like hand hygiene and social distancing to be taken during pandemic outbreak