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How do I prepare for an EDS Service?

  • When you call the EDS hotline, a pre-survey is done over the phone. EDS Response Team will instruct you on the Pre and Post treatment things to be done.
  • Once on-site, the Response Team will do one final check before starting the treatment.

How is EDS service performed to cover the machines in a Manufacturing Plant?

  • Machinery does not deter us from providing either Sterifume® Service or EDS Service. It is treated with aerial misting.
  • Disinfectants do not have any adverse reactions on machinery.

How is EDS service delivered in a residence where the patient is Home Quarantined?

  • The Patient can remain at home but needs to be in an isolated room. Our team will treat other areas of the residence.

Is there any validation or test report to establish before and after effectiveness of EDS?

  • We do not do the pre and post treatment testing. However, if customers are doing it on their own or through a third party, please let us know so that we can include it in our procedures.
  • As per our knowledge no lab in India does a virus validation test.

What is the Turn-Around-Time for EDS service?

  • Local Municipal Authorities  come to the premises after 3-4 days (depending on the city). Thus making businesses shut down for 3-4 days.   Rentokil PCI ensures fast response by delivering the service within 24 hours of the survey assessment, enabling you to be operational in just 24 hrs.

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