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Safe Disinfection Services

Specialist Disinfection Services from Rentokil PCI - A fast response Emergency Disinfection Service (EDS) done by trained and qualified experts.


Fast Recovery Time & Control Measures
How Best To Protect Our People Customers & Visitors
Fast Recovery Time & Control Measures

Premises with Positive COVID-19 Cases

Specialist Disinfection Services from Rentokil PCI - A fast response Emergency Disinfection Service (EDS) done by trained and qualified experts.

Learn more on Emergency Disinfection Service FAQs.

From Survey to Treatment within 24 hrs*

When you call the EDS Hotline:

  • Response Team will ask Essential Questions**
  • They will immediately contact Local EDS Coordinator with your requirement.

1. Survey

Survey & Risk Assessment Proposal

2. Offer

Customer Acceptance Site visit booked Disinfection Service prepared

3. Site Arrival

Site Preparation Protective clothing Equipment & product Pre-entry checks

4. Quarantine

Quarantine Area on Site Preparation of quarantine area Preparation of products to be used

5. Treatment

Disinfection Treatment Application of products Post-application procedures

6. Decontaminate

Exiting post-treatment Removal of contaminated items ; Close down quarantine area

7. Waste

Waste and Transport Disposal of waste Transportation of equipment

8. Handover

Customer Handback Re-entry time Customer briefing Service Certification

*24 Hrs may get extended in case of E pass or access to site is delayed due to transportation.

**Service is now available in Delhi, Mumbai,Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore. Rentokil PCI is in the process of expanding its Emergency Disinfection Service (EDS) to make it available nationwide. Call us to find out if EDS is available in your area.

Trust Us With Your Safety : Elevated Protection

Extra ProtectionPrevent Contamination

  • Double Layer Protection
  • Delivery by Expert Team who have undergone:

✅ WHO course completion

✅ Induction, PN, L1 training

✅ SOP & PPE training

✅ EDS L2 decontamination training

Prevent Contamination

  • Designated Quarantine & Decontamination Area.
  • Rotate team every 45 minutes with new set of PPE.
  • Waste Disposal as per regulations.

What is Personal Protective Equipment?

Disposable Respiratory Filters:

Approved Filter Canisters help protect EDS Experts and allow the breathing of clean air - free of chemical vapours and microbes.

Disposable Hand Gloves:

Double layer - Inner and outer hand gloves, rated specially for protection against viruses and chemicals.

Disposable Coverall:

Double-layer disposable coverall with additional tape to cover gaps. Protects against infections and chemicals.

Full-face Mask:

The extra protective mask covers the entire face (Including your Mouth, Nose, Eyes). It also protects the respiratory system from any possible exposure to microbes and viruses (COVID-19).

Wellington Safety Shoes and Disposable Shoe Covers:

Slip and oil resistant, shock absorbant, and anti-static with steel toe-cap for Impact and compression resistance and puncture resistance.

ULV Misting Machine:

Ensures the disinfectant is dispersed in micron size particles, penetrates in all areas including nooks and corners, forming a uniform bonding layer on treated surfaces to act on viruses.

Rentokil PCI's Complete Range of Disinfection Services

Preventive Disinfection (Level 1) Sterifume® Disinfection Range:

Residential Sterifume®
Commercial Sterifume®
Vehicle Disinfection
AHU Disinfection
Commercial and Residential Society: Specialist Disinfection (Level 2) (Emergency Service - High Risk)

Protecting our customers and employees against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

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Multi site customers

Know how Rentokil PCI takes care of multisite requirements of clients.