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The price of a pest control service is a frequently asked question, and concern, for many home and business owners when enlisting professional help to remove a pest from a property.

As there are a range of factors which contribute to the price of a pest extermination, it is difficult to provide an exact quote due to all the elements that must be considered.

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How much does pest control cost?

The list of factors which contribute to the overall cost of treating a pest infestation are:

  • Type of pest - The type of pest which is infesting your property contributes to the overall pricing of the removal service. The cost of exterminating cockroaches differs from the price of treating a rodent problem as different treatments are needed to complete this task.

  • Size of infestation - The level of the pest infestation in your home or business affects the pricing of the pest removal service. For example, removing a large, established cockroach infestation will cost more than treating a small cockroach problem.

  • Type of treatment - The mode of treatment needed to eradicate a pest problem relates to the overall pricing of the pest control service. For example, the cost of using insecticides to exterminate bed bugs differs from the price of steam treatment. Similarly, the pricing for preventive pest control varies from the cost of corrective treatments. 

  • Size of property - The size of the property plays a part in the cost of a pest control service. The larger the property the more time it will take to fully treat a pest problem. This will have an effect on the cost of the treatment needed to remove the pest.

  • Number of treatments - The frequency of treatments required. Different types of pests often require multiple treatments for successful control. This can be reflected within the pricing of the pest control service.

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Residential and commercial pest control

The pricing of pest control solutions differs between residential and commercial customers. Residential pest control is often only required for a single service, i.e for a cockroach or termite problem, or pricing is based on the length of contract. 

Commercial properties often require ongoing support to comply with specific laws such as food safety. Long term support for businesses, in the form of an integrated pest management programme, will have an impact on the price of the services provided.

Pest control inspection

In order to provide a price for treating your pest infestation, an inspection of a property needs to be conducted. This will help clarify which pest is inhabiting the area, and help conclude which treatment is needed to control the problem. 

What happens during a pest inspection

  • At the point of call, our trained pest technician will report directly to the customer to notify them of their arrival before they complete the inspection
  • When the technician arrives they will inspect all areas of the premises for signs of pest activity 
  • If there are confirmed signs of a pest infestation the technician will take the steps to treat the problem. 
  • The technician will then report on the issues, and make recommendations that are conducive to pest control infestations, including proofing, hygiene and stacking.
  • For customers using myRentokil PCI, the technician will upload all the information, including colour photos of recommendations to the customer's account.
  • The technician will report directly to the customer to ensure they understand what was discovered during the visit and the work carried out.

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