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Can we co-exist peacefully?

We love to hear the sounds of birds chirping, watch their delicate wings move through the whiffs of fresh air, feed them, or simply cherish their companionship. But, just sometimes, when the concerns about uncleanliness and structural harm begin to affect our state of mind, we are bound to feel stressed and watch our peace of mind slip away.

In fact, some bird species can indeed be considered a real nuisance for premises. Besides causing structural harm, pest birds can spread various pest-borne diseases and pose health hazards, too.

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Learn proactive tips from the experts on how to keep pest birds away from your premises

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Have a bird problem?

While we may not appreciate their presence in our space, we still like to care for our feathered friends and ensure to not cause any harm to them. Heres; what you should do:

  1. Identify 

There are birds, and then there are pest birds. Understanding this is very important in how to control birds on your premises.

Recognising the signs of a serious problem and getting an immediate solution can drastically reduce the length of time needed to effectively control pest birds. Pest birds are Pigeons, Seagulls, House Sparrows, Indian Mynas and Starlings that all have their unique appearance.

  1. Choose your method

When it comes to getting rid of birds, you have two basic options: DIY or Professional. The DIY option requires you to purchase and correctly use bird control products. The professional option requires you to hire a pest controller to get rid of the problem for you.

  1. Take action

Contact Rentokil PCI today to get rid of your bird problem and eliminate pest concerns you have in your home or business.

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Our wide range of bird control solutions are 100% safe for birds and humans.

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Why Choose Professional Bird Control Services?

Besides effective solutions, a successful bird management programme also requires much planning and time to implement, which is why we have developed our scope of work to manage your bird infestation effectively:

  • DIY methods treat only the areas where you see an active problem.They fail to provide effective and long-lasting results.
  • Thorough survey to determine the extent of infestation, their roosting and nesting sites
  • Evaluate the health and safety risks involved and decide on the best control methods
  • The service technicians are highly trained and execute the process in compliance with safety and health policy.

Bird control near you

We have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with birds throughout the India. We carefully combine this knowledge with our understanding of seasonal pest trends and regional areas. Our local, highly-trained services specialists have been specially trained to provide you with the best possible bird control tailored to your property.

We have a branch office in Mumbai, so that a service technician is always in your area

Our experts in Delhi and the surrounding area will help you with your best problem

Our service technicians operate in and around Kolkata, with experts in every kind of pest

Are you based in Bangalore? Our technicians can be on site quickly to help you combat pests

Signs of bird infestation

Look out for these signs to see if you have a bird infestation

Bird prevention tips

Learn proactive tips from the experts on how to keep pest birds away from your premises