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You should know this if you have a pigeon nest

Birds  can cause a lot of trouble. You will find bird poop everywhere, they spread like ratsmice and fly diseases, make noise and they are present in large numbers due to their rapid reproduction.

Pigeons officially belong to the vermin category. Pests are present in large numbers and know how to adapt to the human environment. Pigeons have a fast reproduction and they know how to adapt to the human environment. Pigeons originally live on rocks, but they have adapted well to life among people.


Can you fight a pigeon nest?

You can prevent pests, so do  nuisance to pigeons. You can prevent nuisance by installing bird- resistant measures such as  pigeon spiders, mesh frames or a pigeon net. Even if the pigeons are already there. However, it is not always permitted to implement these preventive measures directly. For example, pigeon nests may not be removed. If there is a nuisance from a pigeon nest and you decide  to install a  pigeon net, then this may only be placed if the nest has been abandoned. Pigeons also get extra rest at the time of breeding and mothering. Even animals that we consider to be vermin have rights and we respect that. 

In the case of a pigeon nest it means that you have to wait until the pigeon young have flown out before you can apply the preventive measures. This often takes a while: pigeon eggs hatch after 17 days and then it takes another 4 weeks for the pigeon boy to fly away from the pigeon nest. All in all, with a pigeon nest on your roof you have to wait almost 2 months before you can take protection measures. And in the meantime, with all those extra pigeons in the pigeon nest you will suffer more from pigeon droppings, noise and the risk of diseases. In addition, a pigeon nest is a source of bacteria and a pigeon nest also brings other vermin with it such as fliesmitesbeetles and cockroaches.


What are the risks of a pigeon nest?

Like most birds, pigeons are creatures of habit, so they often return to the same place. Consider how many pigeons come back after a complete pigeon nest has flown out. It is therefore important to take preventive measures immediately after the pigeon fled out. This prevents the returning pigeons from building pigeon nests on your roof again. Fortunately, there are numerous preventive measures that both ensure that pigeons do not (come back) and that can be placed unobtrusively.

View here what you can do to prevent a pigeon nest on the roof. Are you currently bothered by pigeons or a pigeon nest? Then contact the bird-watching experts from Rentokil or call us 7/12 on our toll-free telephone number.

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