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Pigeon control using Invisible Grills

Invisible Grill is an advanced grill system that provides security for your family, especially children, and it doesn’t affect the overall appearance of your home.

Where To Use – Gallery Openings, Open Terraces, Selected Large Window Openings At High Rise Apartments, Villas, Hotels, Hospitals, Etc.

Pest Bird Covered – Pigeons And Large Birds

Bird Pressure – Low, Medium, And High Pressure


  • Clear Panoramic Views Unlike Traditional Grills
  • Nearly Invisible From A Distance
  • New Advanced Technology - Durable, Flexible & Effective
  • Maximum Safety From Pigeons And Large Birds
  • Rust- And Paint-Proof
  • Long Lasting - 3 Years Warranty

(Note: Bird spikes will not work on smaller birds)

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