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Protect Your Best Friend From Ticks

Ticks are parasites found on pets' bodies and survive by feeding on the blood of other living beings.

Ticks can latch onto your pet’s fur, and your pet can carry them back to your home. After this, ticks are capable of multiplying in your house. They can pose a severe threat to you and your pet.

Rentokil PCI’s Integrated Tick Management (ITM) can help you eliminate ticks in your home.

Diseases Transmitted by Ticks to Humans

  • Kyasanur forest disease (KFD)
  • Crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF)
  • Lyme disease (LD)
  • Rickettsial infections

Integrated Tick Management Service Details:

Effective tick management essentially requires an integrated approach based on the following:

  • Exclusion
  • Restriction
  • Destruction
  • Monitoring
  • Involving customers in getting the tick treatment done for the animal by the Veterinarian
  • Implementing the preventive measures as suggested by the Rentokil PCI team

ITM service is done for the STRUCTURE ONLY.

For effective results, structure and tick-infested animal treatment are to be done without much gap. ITM is entirely safe for humans and animals.

How Rentokil PCI’s ITM Service Can Keep Your Pet Safe From Pests:

  • Inspecting the infested areas
  • Scanning the area to understand the spread
  • Identifying the area
  • Spray treatment with a humane solution
  • No harm to humans or pets

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