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Rats FAQs

How do I know if I have a rat infestation?

It is often easier to spot signs of a problem, rather than the actual pest. Rat droppings, scratching noises, footprints (running tracks), distinctive smell, rub marks, damage, nests and burrows. For detailed information, visit rats infestation.

Why are there rats in my house?

Rats in your property doesn’t necessarily mean your place is dirty. Rats are attracted to anywhere there is food, water and shelter. Only small holes are required for a rat to squeeze through.

How do you get rid of rats in the house?

There are common treatments you can undertake such as traps, but we strongly recommend a professional service due to the damage rats can cause to property, causing fires through chewing of cables and the potential to carry disease.

How to get rid of rats without poison or traps?

Other than traditional traps, there are bait stations with the bait, or rodenticide, that is used being safe to use even in areas where there are children and pets.

What types of rat killers are there?

Our qualified and professionally trained service technicians use a range of different rodenticides when controlling rats. Call us at 022-62604737 for more information.

Why do I need to get rid of rats?

Rats are filthy and can spread disease as well as chew anything including wires, pipes and insulation. Rat droppings can be hazardous and they leave urine anywhere they go.

Rat problem?

Identify common signs of rats to tell if you have a problem

How to get rid of rats

Practical advice on how to get rid of rats