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Innovate. Protect. Experience the Spider LED Fly Catcher.

Spider LED Curve & Edge

Revolutionary LED insect light trap that provides superior fly catch performance.

Welcome to the forefront of insect control technology with the Spider LED – a powerful solution designed to keep your surroundings free from flying pests. Say goodbye to bothersome insects and hello to a more comfortable environment with Spider LED. Now available in two variants: Spider LED Curve and Spider LED Edge.

Superior Performance Meets Improved Sustainability

  • Unique technology for faster and higher fly catch
  • 34.5% faster fly catch within 60 minutes compared to CFL variants*
  • 69% reduction in running  costs as compared to CFL variants*
  • Competitor units provide only a 90° window of attraction*

 Based on experiments conducted under controlled conditions.

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 Areas of Applications:

Residential Use: Ensure your home is free from pesky flying insects, providing a healthier and more comfortable living environment for your family.

Commercial Spaces: From restaurants and cafes to offices and retail shops, maintain a pest-free zone to enhance customer satisfaction and employee well-being.

Public Areas: Install Spider LED Fly Catchers in public spaces, such as waiting areas, lobbies, and restrooms, to ensure a clean and pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

Why Choose Spider LED Fly Catcher

Experience the future of insect control with the Genus Cobra LED Fly Catcher. Backed by advanced technology, safe operation, and hassle-free maintenance, the Cobra Fly Catcher is the ultimate solution for efficient and eco-friendly insect management.

Innovate. Protect. Experience the Spider LED Fly Catcher.


Spider LED Curve

Spider LED Curve


Say goodbye to bothersome flies with our advanced Spider LED Curve. Designed for efficiency and effectiveness, it employs innovative technology to make your space pest-free. Safety is a top priority, and our device complies with international standards. Keep your environment clean and enjoyable with our state-of-the-art Fly Catcher Machine.
Spider LED Curve

About Spider LED Curve


  • Patented Translucent Technology that dispenses light at 180 degrees that catches 30% faster*
  • Uses the principle of UV light to attract and silently trap flies
  • Saves upto 78% energy as compared to CFL tubes models*
  • In compliance with International Safety Standards GMP CGMP HACCP & ISO specs
  • Designed to restrict insect debris within the machine to avoid contamination outside. 

Suitable for:

  • QSRs, Hotels, Retail, Shops, Hospitals, SMEs


  • Dimensions (mm):    20.79 x 5.04 x 13.54
  • Weight:                      5 kg
  • Power Supply:           100V to 240V AC 
  • Power Consumption: 7 W (each tube)

Spider LED Edge

Spider LED Edge


Introducing our user-friendly Spider LED Edge, designed for effortless installation, operation, and maintenance, all wrapped in an appealing and sleek design. Equipped with powerful UVA LED lights to maximize insect attraction, it ensures a pest-free environment with ease. Crafted from durable aluminium alloy for corrosion-free longevity, this fly catcher is built to last. 
Spider LED Edge

About LED Edge


  • Includes UVA lamps for better attraction
  • Aluminium alloy protective grill and grids for corrosion free long life
  • Special earthing strips added along with flame retardant materials 
  • In compliance with international standards. 

Suitable for:

  • High elevation areas, areas of high catch requiring frequent maintenance. 



  • Dimensions (mm):    20.08 x 2.76 x 12.20
  • Weight:                      3.5 kg
  • Power Supply:           100V to 240V AC 
  • Power Consumption: 7W Max (each tube)

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