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Noticing a few noisy flies in your house or your business, may not necessarily mean there is an infestation. However, it should act as a warning sign to take some safety measures.

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Common signs

  • Small dark clusters of spots (the size of a pinhead) – look at ceilings and other overhead structures and wall surfaces. Check areas that are difficult to clean thoroughly such as drainage channels and drains where waste may be accumulating. Gully traps and areas around sinks and below damaged floor tiling should also be monitored.

  • Regular sighting of flies - large number of flies buzzing around garbage dump areas and the base of wheelie bins or other waste containers may indicate a more serious problem. Check anywhere that water pools including in guttering, tyres or old machinery. Waterlogged pot plants may also attract flies.

  • Maggots - these are flies in their larval stage and could indicate a potential breeding site on your property. You may discover maggots in waste areas and deteriorating food.

Worried about a fly infestation?

Our professional fly control service includes identifying and removing any potential breeding environment. Besides that, below are some of the other benefits between choosing a professional to having to do it yourself.

  • FREE consultation - of your home or business

  • Fly species identification - enables the right fly control solution to target the invading species

  • Our expert team of Field Biologists and Technicians can help advise you the most effective, targeted fly control solutions tailored to your requirements.

  • Safe, targeted treatments - Our innovative and hygienic insect light trap coupled with our control measures offer safe and effective treatments

  • IPM - Our Integrated Fly management approach using a variety of fly control solutions keep fly infestation in check in critical areas within your premise.

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How to get rid of flies

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