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Rentokil PCI provides a wide range of pest control products for residences and businesses in India to meet your pest management and other essential hygiene needs. Our products range from DIY pest control solutions that deter common residential pests to the next generation sterilisation technologies that help industries like healthcare meet the critical hygiene standards. All our products are safe and effective for use in the respective application areas/scenarios.

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Our product range

Specialised food-based lure attracts roaches with an irresistible food trap.

Ready-to-use non-toxic glue trap for rats and mice.

A ready-to-use wax block for rodent control. Harmless for humans and pets. 

Do-it-yourself solution for flying and crawling insects.

Easy to use termite solution. No mixing required. Brush, spray, swab or inject.

India's first electrical flying insect control system with low running cost.

No 'zapping' sound, no flying insect debris.

Ideal for reception area of restaurants, hotels, shops and other similar establishments.

Capable of destroying more than 99.999% of micro-organisms in the air.

The next generation sterilisation technology.

Professional spraying equipment.

Thermal Fog Generators and ULV Aerosol Generators.

Chemical-free solution for medium and long term storage.

Pest prevention tips

Here are some handy tips for you to prevent pest infestation in your premise.