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Home Mosquito Control

Facts about mosquitoes
  • Now protect your family from mosquito bites which cause diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, Zika and Yellow Fever by getting rid of mosquitoes through our new eco friendly Bite Fighter service along with a mosquito catching device Grabmos - The latest Innovation from Rentokil PCI
  • These diseases infect and kill millions of people worldwide every year
  • Rentokil PCI is offering the new Bite Fighter service for residential customers who are looking for environment-friendly solution to get rid of mosquitoes
Salient features
  • Uses Naturecide - GREEN SOLUTION - a product made from essential oils of cedar wood and cinnamon which is absolutely safe for humans
  • Non polluting, No unpleasant smell, No toxic waste
  • More effective than any vaporizer or other Do-it-Yourself (DIY) product on safety.  Long-term exposure to DIY products cause side-effects such as headaches,  allergies, asthma etc. Mosquitoes get immune to a vaporizer after some time
  • Burgess Electric Fogger / Mister is eco-friendly as it runs on electricity and not on petrol
  • Grabmos/Mosclean for extended protection against mosquitoes*(Price may vary depending on the product)


  • 1. For how long will this service remain effective?

    Coupled with screening and use of Grabmos, the service may be effective for nearly a week considering that there is no mosquito penetration from outside

  • 2. Will we require to cover up electronic equipment such as TV, Laptop, Computer, AC etc. before the treatment?

    Yes, kindly cover all electronic equipments before the service to increase their life.

  • 3. Does it have any effect on electrical equipments?

    No corrosion and no rust on electronic equipments. For increased life of equipment, cover it up

  • 4. Is it only effective for mosquitoes?

    Yes, it is only effective for mosquitoes. For other pests, please contact us on 1800-212-212-5

  • 5. Is it effective for certain types of mosquitoes or all kinds of mosquitoes?

    It is effective for all kinds of mosquitoes

Why Rentokil PCI?

A legacy of excellence - Leaders and innovators in pest management across the world for over 90 years.

Adherence to industry standards - We help create industry standards and only use government (CIB) Approved chemicals for treatment

Expert surveying with advanced technology - Thorough initial inspection of premises with the latest equipment and tools.

Customer Experience - We value your safety and that of your decor. We formulate effective termite control solutions that provide long-term results and give you peace of mind.

Efficient service delivery - Highly trained, verified and certified service technicians.

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