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Lumnia LED Fly Control-A Sustainable Shield Against Business Disruption

Lumina LED Fly Control

The presence of flies in large numbers can lead to catastrophic consequences for businesses, as they are among the most destructive insects, causing harm and disruptions. Remarkably, there are 120,000 fly species globally, posing a threat to the health of both staff and customers by transmitting diseases and contaminating goods. Lumnia LED fly control emerges as an eco-friendly solution.

Flies undergo a brief life cycle, multiplying rapidly, and some species can transition from eggs to adults in just seven days, creating significant challenges for businesses. While preventing a fly infestation is often more effective than dealing with its consequences, there is a heightened awareness today regarding the importance of environmental protection. This increased focus on sustainability is a response to the climate crisis and the imperative of energy conservation in the current economic climate. We've moved past the era when eradicating flies involved promoting automobiles as a means to reduce the reliance on horses and the associated manure.

Lighting the way in fly control

Scientific innovation and expertise has helped to design a commercial fly-control solution that effectively attracts, kills and encapsulates flies sustainably and hygienically. Lumnia LED insect light traps (ILTs) attract and contain flying insects quickly, securely, hygienically and out of sight. They work by using high-attraction LED lamps to attract flies to the unit.

Advantages of Lumina LED Fly Control

Four sustainable reasons to choose the Lumnia range

HACCP-approved, Lumnia has helped Rentokil PCI to provide a powerful solution that has also protected the environment since its introduction four years ago. By adopting the Lumnia family, your organisation can create its own sustainability success story and take advantage of the following four benefits – plus many more.  

The lowest energy consumption lamp on the market*

Lumnia LED lamps save up to 79% energy compared to fluorescent bulb ILTs when using their unique adaptive mode technology. Lumnia Compact, Standard, and Ultimate all feature adaptive mode options where you can opt to increase or decrease the power output of the lamps, without significantly compromising the efficacy of the unit. The Lumnia Compact will use as little as 6.5 watts of energy when used in low energy mode. 

67% reduction in lamp waste

Lumnia LED lamps need replacing once every four years as opposed to fluorescent bulbs that need to be replaced every year. This means that for every three fluorescent bulbs, you only need one Lumnia LED lamp, thereby reducing your lamp waste by 67%. As a result of not having to change the lamps more than once every three years, Rentokil PCI has managed to reduce lamp waste by 750,000 units, making Lumnia more environmentally friendly than existing ILTs. Furthermore, Lumnia LED lamps do not use any Mercury and boast zero-toxic chemicals.

Reduction in carbon emissions by 62%

Lumnia can help businesses sustainability with a 62% reduction in carbon emissions, as certified by The Planet Mark. Over just four years, based on data from the Environmental Protection Agency Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, Lumnia has saved 26,600 tonnes of CO2  – that’s equivalent to powering over 3,200 homes for a year**.

*When using adaptive low energy mode

**Claims based over 5 year period (product life cycle) and calculated using EPA Greenhouse Gas equivalences Calculator


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