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How to get rid of wood borer

When a wood borer infestation is left untreated, they can potentially develop into a serious issue, such as damaging wooden floors, door and furniture. The following step will help discourage wood borer infestations:

  • Wood boring beetles are attracted to the moisture content in the wood, try to keep furniture, door and wooden items dry. 
  • Seal cracks and crevices on wood surfaces to deter wood borer from breeding. 
  • Remove infected wood to avoid the infestation from spreading to another area.

Experts in wood borers

At Rentokil PCI, our experts are fully trained, licensed professionals with knowledge of the habits and lifecycle of wood borer. By following the ERDM approach as part of our integrated pest management, we ensure an effective protection for your business:

  • Partnership — Cooperation with clients and sharing of roles in pest management is crucial.
  • Education and Exclusion — Talks and education materials to enforce general good housekeeping practices to remove possible wood borer breeding sites and recommendations on proofing of doors, windows, roof vents, etc to minimise insects entering the premises.
  • Sanitation — Proper waste disposal process and sanitation to reduce infestation.
  • Treatment — Use of the correct treatment to get rid of woodborer for your individual circumstances

Why choose Rentokil PCI?

  • Experienced and licensed technicians - All our Service Technicians are experienced professionals with good knowledge about pests and their habits.

  • Expert knowledge - Our pest experts are periodically provided with continuous training programmes, to ensure that their pest knowledge is up-to-date.

  • Targeted treatments - Our extensive knowledge means we can provide you with targeted and effective treatment to get rid of wood borers at your business property.

  • Site risk assessment - This is completed in compliance with Rentokil PCI pest control requirements to ensure that all treatments carried out in your premises are conducted in a safely manner.

  • Dedicated expertise - Your bird problem will be managed by a team of well-trained bird experts who are specialised in their fields.

  • Health and Safety - We follow strict Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) policies.

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