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How to get rid of bandicoot rats

If action is not taken to rid your home and/or garden of Bandicoot rats, they will soon take over! A wide range of DIY products are available in stores for dealing with bandicoot rats in low risk areas, but we recommend treatment by one of our service technicians for bandicoot rat activity in living areas of your home or close proximity to your home.

Getting rid of rats with Rentokil PCI

While amateur DIY products are a cost effective way to control bandicoot rat problems in low risk areas, professional pest control is required for high risk areas, more established bandicoot colonies or where there is a repeated infestation. Rentokil PCI service technicians provide highly targeted treatment to deal with any bandicoot rat problem and will advise on how to keep your home free of bandicoot rats in the future.
Rentokil PCI offers a call-out service to deal with bandicoot rats and other pest problems in the home. Our service is fast, effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family and pets.

Call Rentokil PCI today on 1800-212-212-5 for an expert inspection. Alternatively, you can drop us an enquiry online.

Bandicoot rat prevention

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Bandicoot rat species

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