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Technology for food safety

Rentokil PCI provides technology and services designed to protect businesses that are legally required to comply with hygiene standards and where there is zero tolerance to pest infestations. We have the expertise to help businesses manage any potential risk from pests and are doing so for thousands of customers worldwide, from major multinationals to small businesses.

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Industry sector expertise

Rentokil PCI has decades of experience in every sector handling food and has tens of thousands of customers worldwide. We have in-depth understanding of legislative requirements and can provide solutions for every environment tailored to the unique customer requirements.

Food processing

Find out the risk areas for pests in a typical food processing plant and how to protect your products

The hygiene practices and pest control measures to ensure food safety in the food retail industry

How to protect your business and customers by preventing infestations and contamination of food

Engagement with industry

Rentokil PCI sponsors research on the impact of pests to businesses to get detailed insights into the most pressing issues for businesses and the true economic effects of pests.

GFSI conference

Rentokil Initial is proud to sponsor the 2017 GFSI Global Food Safety Conference

Pest Awareness Program for customer workforce.

Food safety insights

Businesses handling food must comply with an increasingly complex web of policies, regulations, standards and laws concerning food safety to protect consumers from food safety hazards and food-borne diseases.

Safe and appropriate pest control monitoring and prevention is just one of the many requirements and demands placed on the food industry to ensure food safety compliance along the entire supply chain, from farm to fork.

Get insights into the present state of food safety. Find out how regulations and standards impact all businesses handling food.

A general overview of the impact of food safety regulations globally

An introduction and description of the principles of HACCP and HARPC

The most common diseases that you can catch from contaminated food and cross contamination in food handling

Why Rentokil PCI?

Discover what makes us the experts in pest control.

Pest inspection

An expert inspection by RentokilPCI will reveal the pest threats to your house.