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Lake Management Services

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Lake Management Services

Before and after treatment:

Before and after treatment

Why Lake Management ?

  • Maintain the lake in a healthy and aesthetically pleasing condition
  • Clean and clear water for better aquatic life viewing experience
  • Minimize presence of suspended organic matter including algae and other dissolved organic materials
  • Increase dissolved oxygen (DO) levels for a healthy aquatic life
  • Safeguard aquatic life in Ponds, lakes and water bodies, natural reservoirs

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What do we offer in India ?

  • Supply & Installation, Maintenance of aeration systems & Oxygen Saturation system (OST) plant
  • Lake Monitoring by Biologist
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Water Quality Restoration
  • Biological Augmentation
  • Algae management
  • Fountain Maintenance
  • Water hyacinth removal

Our processes

As the global experts our processes for Lake Managementservices are of the highest standards of technology, quality and safety. Our processes include:

  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Application of granular chemicals
  • Application of liquid chemicals
  • Application of algicides
  • Maintenance of aeration systems OST
  • Maintenance of fountains
  • Inspection of fountains
  • Inspection of OST
  • Lake monitoring
  • Safety equipment 

Trained Lake Management technicians & globally standardized products

  • BOSIET trained by Naval Maritime academy, OLC
  • Team trained on lake water management - Level 1 from Solitude University
  • Boat is operated by both oars and battery operated motor (No fossil fuel)
  • Safety is prime in all the activities:
    1. Use of PFDs (Personal Floatation Devices} is mandatory
    2. High visibility vest, respiratory protection, non slip shoes, hand gloves and goggles are other mandatory equipment used
  • Use of authentic equipments as recommended by Solitude - USA
  • Trained and licenced electricians
  • Products imported from Solitude - USA.

Call us for expert Lake Management services on 1800-212-2125 or contact us.