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Addressing Termite Risks in Business


Termites have traditionally been seen as a problem exclusive to residential homeowners. However, the truth is that businesses are also vulnerable to termite infestations, with approximately several hundred crores worth of damage being caused globally. Therefore, it's essential for businesses to assess their termite risks.

Here are five conditions favourable to termite activity:

Moisture: Subterranean termites thrive in environments with high moisture levels. If your business's exterior is regularly wet, such as from lawn sprinklers, it can lead to structural damage and provide ideal conditions for termites and wood-decay fungi to thrive.

Landscaping: Many commercial properties have extensive landscaping with bushes, turf, and wood mulch near the building. Unfortunately, these materials attract termites and serve as entry points into the structure.

Insulation: While termites don't feed on foam insulation, if it comes into contact with soil or is installed below ground level, termites can tunnel through it to access the building. Additionally, foam insulation can retain moisture, which is crucial for termite survival.

Crack in a concrete

Cracks in concrete: Even minor cracks in concrete slabs can allow termites to enter a building, as they only need a tiny opening. Over time, cracks can form due to the building's foundation expanding and settling, making the structure vulnerable to infestation.

Earth-to-wood contact: When siding, brick, or wood is installed below ground level or directly touches the soil, termites can construct mud tubes to access the building, making it difficult to detect termite entry points.

Spotting signs of a termite infestation early can prevent extensive damage to your business property. Look out for swarmer termites, shed wings, blistering wood, termite droppings, and mud tubes.

Despite the challenges of identifying termites, being aware of common signs can help protect your commercial property. No industry, whether it's food processing or healthcare, is immune to the threat of termite invasions.

Termites under magnifying glass

For effective termite control solutions, Rentokil PCI offers preventive and corrective treatments tailored to specific termite species, property conditions, and activity levels. Our technicians provide comprehensive warranties, conduct periodic inspections, and use cutting-edge technology to address termite issues promptly. Contact Rentokil PCI today to safeguard your business against termite damage.

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