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Professional Services to Protect Your Decorative Ponds, Architectural Fountains, and Waterfalls

All kinds of water features provide your home with a unique and distinctive touch of elegance. A water feature is defined as an architectural design element involving water, such as a fountain, a pond, or a waterfall. The best approach to guarantee that your occupants and visitors will have a safe and inspirational experience, as well as to protect the sizeable financial investment in these structures, is to schedule routine maintenance and repair services.

The experts at SOLitude lake management, Serviced by Rentokil PCI, have the expertise to manage specially created water features, such as glass water walls and systems of ponds with planted sides. We do this by using sustainable methods that adhere to strict sanitation standards and a scientific understanding of water quality, all while avoiding chemicals that may damage the feature and necessitate expensive repairs.

How is Rentokil PCI’s professional water feature maintenance helpful?

  • It ensures that they are operating correctly and constantly, acting as lovely focal points for your premises.
  • It limits the possibility of unattractive hard water stains, algae, aquatic weeds, and hazardous microbes by maintaining balanced water quality.
  • It protects your investment and helps you steer clear of expensive masonry, stonework, and pump repairs.

Maintenance services offered by Rentokil PCI

For the endurance and aesthetic appeal of water features, SOLitude Lake Management, Serviced by Rentokil PCI, provides a range of maintenance services. Service intervals change based on the features you have. Typical maintenance services comprise:

  • Cleaning any moist surfaces to get rid of stains or blemishes.
  • Equipment for water treatment, pumps, lights, filters, and automated fill systems are all subject to inspection and cleaning.
  • Removing dirt, leaves, and other stuff.
  • Conducting water quality testing and sterilizing procedures to treat any algae, bacteria, or aquatic weeds that may be present.
  • Modifying the settings of clocks and mechanical devices to account for seasonal changes
  • Creating routine reports to summarise services
Keeping your water features beautiful

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