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Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

There is nothing more disgusting than the cockroaches creeping over the corners of our house. It is interesting to know that out of 4,000 species, we see just 30 species in our household. And majority of cockroaches are not pests at all. 

There are various types of Cockroaches. 


  • They are 12-15mm long, and they live in heated buildings and Kitchens.


  • They are 28-44mm long, and they live in inside buildings, pipe ducts and basements.


  • They are 25-30mm long, and they can live in lower temperatures. 

Cockroaches can eat anything and they are scavengers. They have been living on this Earth since the ages of dinosaurs. Researchers have found that these persistent cockroaches have the capability to survive in an area even after atomic experiments.

Have you ever tried catching a cockroach? Cockroaches are very fast!! You would have found it almost impossible. Actually it is almost impossible to catch a cockroach. The reason being cockroaches have small hairs that can identify any slight movement in air.

Moreover they have rapid nervous system which allows the cockroaches to measure the reflexes and reactions and react in hundredths of seconds. Advanced Cameras reveal that Cockroaches are capable of running 3.3 ft in 1 second and also they tend to change direction more than 25 times in just 1 second.

Though many people call termites as white ants, they are not at all related to ant family. Termites are actually related to Cockroach family and DNA has proved it.

Cockroach Infestations are often underestimated and ignored. But cockroaches spread many dangerous diseases as well as infections. It is always advisable to contact a pest control services for the treatment.

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