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Site Specific Refresher Training (SSRT)


  • To create capabilities and competent manpower by providing specific knowledge and skills required to meet pest management challenges in the commercial business environment through On-the-Job training.
  • To instil greater confidence and competitiveness among Technicians and Operation Executives to meet the needs of regulatory, as well as private, food safety standards and certification audits.

Training Faculty:

  • Our master trainers are certified by the National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR). NIRDPR is an autonomous organisation under the Ministry of Rural Development and a premier national centre of excellence.


  • The scope of the programme includes hands-on training in pre-selected facilities. The training programme leans heavily on the practical application of the Integrated Pest Management concept specific to the facility or site. The other avenues of hands-on training include:
    •  Understanding contractual obligations that shall include regulatory & certification requirements, reports & documentation, facility hygienic practice, services offered, pests covered and scope of services.
    • Site-specific pests and their identification, including pest habit & habitat.
    • Pesticide handling: storage, application, disposal, spillage management and safety.
    • Effective use of equipment and PPEs and their maintenance.
    • Safe disposal of trapped & dead rodents.
    • Documentation- correct recording and reporting.
    • Third-party certification audit requirements.
    • Handling customer’s and auditor’s queries.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Successful completion of L2/BPM or CBU or IPM or RPCI Level-2 training.

Course Duration: One Day

  • The ‘Site Specific Refresher Training’ comprises 1⁄2 day classroom training and 1⁄2 day on-site training followed by assessment.


Competency Evaluation:

  •   Classroom Learning Evaluation - Qualifying Score 80%.
  •   On-Job Evaluation by Operations Executive/Assistant Operations Manager/Operations Manager within the next 15 days                using “On-job Evaluation Sheet (Commercial)- Technicians 2019” - Qualifying Score 90%.

Certification & Validity: 

  • The successful trainee meeting the above qualifying criteria is awarded the training certificate.
  • The validity is three years from the completion date of training OR as per customer requirement.