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Termite service renewal

Termites are silent destroyers that eat away your precious home and furniture without you even noticing it. Even though external signs of termite infestation might not be visible at your premise, the risk of having a termite infestation cannot be eliminated. Doing periodic termite inspections will help you save money on service renewal, protect your home and give you peace of mind.

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If you are an existing Rentokil PCI Termiseal® (Termite Control) customer, you can avail a special offer while renewing your contract.

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  • Special Renewal Offer - Free single Cockroach treatment / Gift Voucher on renewal of TermiSeal service.

    • Avail a free single cockroach service in kitchen area or a Gift Voucher for your family & friends worth ₹1200.
    • Gift Voucher can be redeemed by your friends and family against our GoldSeal service.
    • This package includes Termite treatment with inspections.

At Rentokil PCI, we use the latest termite detection and prevention tools and technologies like Termatrac, Sub-slab injector, Live Wire Detector to provide the best termite control treatment available in the market. The infested locations are treated using a new generation insecticide that creates a chemical zone/barrier in the internal walls of your flat and protects them from termite attacks. Also, our treatment is carried out by professionally trained pest control technicians who are experts in termite biology and backed by a service warranty.