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Pre-construction termite treatment

With Rentokil PCI's Pre-construction termite treatment, your building is protected from termite attack from the early days of construction itself. Our Pre-construction termite treatment complies with IS 6313 (part II) 2013 standards. Pre-construction termite creates a chemical barrier between the building and soil beneath that prevents termites from moving up and attacking your building. Our temite protection packages give you peace of mind against future termite attacks.

Our expert team of Field Biologists conduct a survey at your site to decide various factors like feasibility of treatment, mode of treatment and so on. Rentokil PCI technicians will then prepare your site and treat the soil with appropriate amount of chemical to form an effective barrier which is lethal and repellent to termites.

Rentokil PCI's Pre-construction termite treatment involves

  • Treatment to column backfill soil.
  • Treatment to wall and floor junction.
  • Treatment to top surface of plinth filling.
  • Treatment along external perimeter of building.
  • Treatment below apron PCC.
  • Treatment in expansion joints.

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