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myRentokil: Promoting proactive pest management

Monitor, measure, record and report on emerging pest issues across your locations to support auditing the legislative compliance.

Pest infestations have always been a big risk for businesses. They damage stock, disrupt operations and pose major threats to health, safety and compliance. With the ever-increasing scale and complexity of pest management in the modern environment, how do businesses protect their facilities 24/7 against pest threats?

As businesses become increasingly automated and unmanned, remote and spread across multiple sites, we’ve responded to our customers’ evolving needs and developed myRentokil, an online customer portal which puts you back in control.


Pest control data systems: A new level of insight at your fingertips

myRentokil is digital pest management at it’s best. A complete, comprehensive pest control data system that harnesses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data to help you monitor, measure, record and report emerging pest issues across multiple locations.

The use of IoT devices and Big Data analytics enables myRentokil to provide you with a superior digital pest control solution, generating a comprehensive audit trail to help your business meet rigorous audit standards and legislation requirements.

With more than 77,000 connected devices worldwide, Rentokil collects huge volumes of data which we analyse to increase our understanding of pest problems and improve our services. This means our digital pest control solutions don’t just give you a clearer view of your pest management operations: they help you gain unrivalled insights and realise new levels of value, efficiency and control.

Knowledge and control at the click of a button

myRentokilPCI reporting system is designed to increase the quality, visibility and integrity of your pest management, saving you valuable time and money, after all it does provide the information you need when you need it anytime, anywhere. Our new pest reporting tool can be a part of your organisation’s leap towards assimilating a new records management programme, and is highly recommended for Food ProcessingIndustrial & ManufacturingPharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industry sectors.

If you wish to upgrade your pest control service with myRentokilPCI, please call us on 022-62604737 or Contact us online.

Pest control trends and automated custom reporting

Gain insight into pest trends and detail records of pest activity in your business. Build and schedule custom reports to support third-party auditing and legislation requirements.

Real-time information 24/7

Real-time pest activity and service history at your fingertips, available round-the-clock across multiple sites.

Pest control recommendations powered by Big Data analytics

Analysing a wealth of data across pest activity to seasonal trends, myRentokil provides you with pest activity analytics and proactive pest control recommendations.

Interactive site plans

Visualisation of your business’ pest control coverage, inspection points and risk areas - all custom to your site.

Frequently asked questions about myRentokil

Against a backdrop of increasing global trends, businesses in the food processing and pharmaceutical industry are under pressure to meet growing customer expectations and achieve the most stringent standards and demonstrate compliance. myRentokil can help facilitate this need by providing a secure, innovative, digital pest management solution.

A lot of data, technology and innovation have gone into developing our range of digital pest management solutions, here are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions about myRentokil:

What is myRentokil?

myRentokil is an online reporting and analysis customer portal that puts our customers in control of their onsite pest management, 24/7.

Available across multiple devices, myRentokil provides customers with access to pest activity information, recommendations, interactive floor plans and proof-of-service documentation to ensure business customers can stay up-to-date with their pest management programs.

It provides a comprehensive audit trail to support business customers to meet rigorous internal and external audit standards across multiple sites.

How can myRentokil help to support audit requirements?

There is so much to consider when preparing for third-party audits. myRentokil offers instant access to key information and supports your business with data, insights and service history in the lead up to and during audits.

The myRentokil online customer portal displays data in line with the latest pest control legislation and relevant regulations, includes accurate and real-time information around onsite pest activity, pest monitoring and service history documentation.

To further support audits, you can choose to leverage trend analysis and tailored reporting capabilities draw on insights and automate custom reports to further bolster audit requirements.

Will my data be safe on myRentokil?

myRentokil has a Qualys security seal, is ECSC certified, as well as Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) compliant. All data is collected and stored on backed-up Rentokil Initial servers, with HTTPS encryption. All user accounts are protected with secure passwords.

Additionally, the myRentokil platform goes through security and penetration testing on an annual basis.

What are the system requirements for myRentokil?

myRentokil is a web-based customer portal. To access the customer portal you must use a web browser. Recommended browsers for myRentokil include Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Alternatively, you can download the myRentokil app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and keep up to date with your pest management on the go.

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