How to get rid of rats

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How to get rid of rats

Rat infestation can pose a serious threat to your home and business

- Rats are known to spread infections such as Salmonella, Hantavirus and Leptospirosis.

- Rats can transmit tape worms and fungal skin infections.

- Rats can also introduce secondary pests into your premises, such as fleas and biting mites

- They can cause damage to stock and buildings.

- A rat's sharp teeth can gnaw through cables, plastic, wooden doors and even mild steel.

- They can contaminate food and goods alike.

- Wet fur on the underbelly of rats soaked in urine can transmit diseases to work surfaces, tabletops or anywhere the rat has climbed.

Professional rat elimination is the quickest and most effective way to get rid of rats. Rentokil PCI provides expert services that offer a reliable form of rat control and a long-term solution to rat infestations.

Getting rid of rats with Rentokil PCI

At Rentokil PCI, our qualified local service technicians are backed by global knowledge and innovation. If you have spotted any sign of rat infestation, such as droppings or an unpleasant urine smell, it is the time to get professional treatment done.

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How does it work?

Don't want rodents in your premises? Rodent proofing from Rentokil PCI is the first line of defence in rodent management. Done both internally and externally, rodent proofing blocks all the routes of entry for rats.

- Bristle strips are installed to protect doorways and gap seals for doors and windows.

- We'll also carry out a complete programme of void filling to block hidden access points such as holes, airbricks, splits and so on.

All our rodent proofing is carried out using non-corrosive materials such as:
- hardwearing nylon
- galvanised steel
- aluminium

Why Rentokil PCI

A legacy of excellence - Leaders and innovators in pest management across the world for over 90 years.

Adherence to industry standards - We help create industry standards and only use government (CIB) Approved chemicals for treatment

Expert surveying with advanced technology - Thorough initial inspection of premises with the latest equipment and tools.

Customer Experience - We value your safety and that of your decor. We formulate effective termite control solutions that provide long-term results and give you peace of mind.

Efficient service delivery - Highly trained, verified and certified service technicians.