Logistics and supply chain

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Logistics and supply chain

Protecting your liabilities

The logistics business is all about efficiency and economy value — margins can be tight. You simply can’t afford the disruption that a serious pest problem could bring. That is why many of the country's leading logistics specialists rely on Rentokil PCI for the reassurance and their customers need.

With high volumes of goods moving constantly in and out of your business, effective pest perimeter security is vital — and that is what Rentokil PCI provides.

Risk of pest infestation in the food supply chain

Presence of pest not only destroys the affected goods and cause production losses but also results in the loss of customer trust. Getting rid of pests is even more important in order to comply with industry audit standards due to the scrutiny manufacturers face.

Diagram showing the parts of the supply chain that pest can infiltrate

Supply chain management

In a food supply chain, there are numerous pest infiltration points and as vulnerable as the logistics and warehouses. Undetected pest infestation/ problem along the food supply chain could potentially end up on your consumer's’ plate!

Why Rentokil PCI?

  • Audit support - We have in-depth understanding of local as we ll as global audit requirements for the industry.

  • Online reporting - Our online reporting application, myRentokil, allows better traceability and easy access to all key information of the pest management situation in your premises.

  • Dedicated key account manager - Supports multi-site customers to achieve consistent approach across all facilities with one point of contact.

  • Nationwide support - With Rentokil PCI branches spread across India, we ensure that all your pest control needs are in good hands giving you a complete peace of mind

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