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Pest control products

Rentokil Initial make use of a range of innovative tools to deliver effective and long lasting pest control solutions to our customers.

Ceramic Diffuser

Filling your home or office with a wonderful aroma, Ceramic Diffuser not only keeps mosquitoes at bay but also spreads a pleasing fragrance. Made of high quality ceramic with an attractive cut work detailing at front, this mosquito control device also scores high on aesthetic appeal.

BG Mosquitaire

BG Mosquitaire is the perfect mosquito trapping device if your premise has mosquito infestation.A scent dispenser along with contrasting dark colour at the centre of the trap lures the mosquitoes to the centre fan of the trap which in turn sucks them into a catch bag. The lure used in Mosquitaire is designed specifically to attract Aedes (Tiger) mosquitoes.


Mosclean is a new innovative mosquito trap brought to you by Rentokil which uses UV light source and Carbon dioxide to attract, trap and kill adult mosquitoes. Mosclean is a chemical-free mosquito control solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Rodent Repeller

Rodent Repeller uses ultrasonic frequency signals with the added benefit of electromagnetic technology to keep rats and rodents away from your premise. For use only in indoors, these handy devices will provide a sonic deterrent that provides round the clock protection from rodent pests. Moreover, this device is safe for use in home with children, cats and dogs.


Termatrac is an automated detection device equipped with Radar, Thermal and Motion sensors that helps to detect, locate and confirm termite presence in your property. These devices help to detect termite presence in places that are invisible to the human eye

Thermal Imaging Camera

Using its thermal sensors, Thermal Imaging Camera helps to detect the presence of termite in your property.

Tamper Resistant Bait Station (TRBS)

As the name suggests, TRBS is a robust bait station unit that can withstand tamper from rough usage. Placed along the external perimeter of buildings, Rodenticide wax block is kept inside the bait station and is secured using a lock and key mechanism to prevent people from accessing it.

Cockroach Monitoring Unit

Cockroach Monitoring Unit helps to calculate the Cockroach infestation level in your premsie.