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Rentokil history

Starting with the discoveries of a rat poison and woodworm treatment by two scientists in England and Denmark in the early 20th century, Rentokil has grown through acquisitions and the application of science and technology into the world’s largest pest control company.

Read about the journey from the Imperial Entomologist and Professor of Entomology who formulated a woodworm treatment to protect Westminster Hall, to one of the largest takeovers in UK corporate history. Rentokil continues to be a global leader in pest control, developing innovative products and providing expert and professional services in over 60 countries.


Bessie Eades

Owner 1925-1957
A pioneering businesswoman who established Rentokil as a viable company and ran it for over 30 years until the takeover by British Ratin

Karl Gustav Anker-Petersen

Head of Sales 1927-1956
The driving force behind Danish owned British Ratin and the takeover of Rentokil. He established the Ratin business in the UK and ran it for nearly 30 years.

Sir Clive Thompson

CEO 1983-2004
Turned Rentokil from a £100m turnover UK company to a £3 billion multinational corporation employing 100,000 people.


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