• How do I prepare for an EDS Service?

    • When you call the EDS hotline, a pre-survey is done over the phone. EDS Response Team will instruct you on the Pre and Post treatment things to be done.
    • Once on-site, the Response Team will do one final check before starting the treatment.

  • How is EDS service performed to cover the machines in a Manufacturing Plant?

    • Machinery does not deter us from providing either Sterifume® Service or EDS Service. It is treated with aerial misting.
    • Disinfectants do not have any adverse reactions on machinery.

  • How is EDS service delivered in a residence where the patient is Home Quarantined?

    • The Patient can remain at home but needs to be in an isolated room. Our team will treat other areas of the residence.

  • Is there any validation or test report to establish before and after effectiveness of EDS?

    • We do not do the pre and post treatment testing. However, if customers are doing it on their own or through a third party, please let us know so that we can include it in our procedures.
    • As per our knowledge no lab in India does a virus validation test.

  • What is the Turn-Around-Time for EDS service?

    Local Municipal Authorities  come to the premises after 3-4 days (depending on the city). Thus making businesses shut down for 3-4 days.   Rentokil PCI ensures fast response by delivering the service within 24 hours of the survey assessment, enabling you to be operational in just 24 hrs.