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Fly Attraction: Exploring Light's Role in Pest Control

Fly control

Have you ever observed flying insects relentlessly drawn towards light fixtures on nights? The intrigue surrounding this behaviour extends beyond curiosity, particularly in pest management circles. Research into the fascination of flies with light illuminates their behaviour. It offers insights for more effective pest control strategies, which are particularly vital in food processing and retail industries where ensuring food safety is paramount.

Exploring Light's Influence

Rentokil’s Global Research and Development Centre is at the forefront of this exploration, deep-diving into the intricate interplay between light and fly behaviour. Their discoveries have underscored the superiority of LED technology in captivating insects compared to traditional light sources.


Fly Killer

Understanding the Urge

But what fuels flies' attraction to light? The answers are manifold, with hypotheses ranging from perceiving light as a beacon of safety to leveraging it for navigation. The concept of phototaxis, wherein insects are either drawn to or repelled by light, further adds depth to this phenomenon.

Light as a Guide

While some insects interpret bright lights as signals of safety or navigation aids, others may find themselves disoriented by artificial light sources, leading to peculiar behaviours like circling around them.

Leveraging LED Technology

LED technology emerges as a promising solution in pest management. These sources emit UV-A light, which is potently attractant for flies, rendering UV light traps highly effective in urban landscapes.


Fly killer front view

Efficacy of LED Solutions

Rigorous testing by Rentokil PCI’s researchers has validated the efficiency of fly killers employing LED technology, establishing their prowess through standardised assessments. However, beyond technological advancements, strategic trap placement proves pivotal in capitalising on fly behaviour patterns.

Integrated Pest Management

Synthesising these insights, Rentokil PCI’s fly control service solutions, like Lumnia and Spider LED, offer comprehensive strategies for mitigating pest infestations. These harness the power of LED technology to keep your establishments free from flying insects.  If you are grappling with pest issues, connecting with an expert today can provide valuable guidance on controlling flies and other pests in your environment.






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